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Gutters and Soffits


They may be up high but they protect down low. A lot of people clean the leaves out of their gutters in the fall so they are not clogged up and that’s it. But do you also do a thorough inspection of your gutters by inspecting the joints, tilt and connection? Defective gutters can cause the water to pool around your foundation, leading to in-home flooding and ice dams in winter. Worn out gutters can even cause you to slip and fall on ice accumulation on your steps and sidewalks by not working properly. Even the erosion of the dirt around the foundation by overflowing gutters will cause serious damage to your home.

Do your gutters have:

  • Leaks in corners
  • Water overflowing
  • Rust in steel gutters
  • Gutters that are sagging or hanging crooked
  • Joints pulling apart during rain

Let B&H Professional Services inspect your guttering system to make sure they are working properly and what it may take to repair or replace them to prevent damage down below. Most homes benefit from 5-and 6-inch seamless vinyl or aluminum gutters.

When storm damage has occurred to your home or business, B&H Professional Services will quickly repair or replace damaged gutters to prevent any further damages. Let us provide a comprehensive exterior repair for your home or business, by also inspecting for any metal work claims, such as windows, fascia, soffitt, and flashing. Have confidence in our experience.


Soffits are aluminum, vinyl or wood material beneath the eaves of your roof connecting to your house siding. Your gutters are then attached to the soffit, which, when combined, provides your rainwater drainage system for your home.

Most damage to soffits is caused by birds, squirrels or other small animals, looking to make a home. They will chew and burrow their way into your home or guttering system via the soffit and can cause substantial damage before you even realize damage has been done.

Moisture infiltration and chewed wires is common destruction for these intruders. This leads to rotting wood from the collected moisture and then a collapse of your guttering system.

However, soffits can be repaired easily and quickly with B&H Professional Services superior workmanship. To be able to provide a comprehensive exterior repair for your home or business, we also take care of any metal work claims, such as windows, gutters, fascia, and flashing. Siding claims for insurance purposes are also under our umbrella of services. You can have confidence in our experience.

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