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Roofing Services

Your roof is a huge part of your home or business investment. You don’t really think about the roof until there is a problem such as leaking or missing shingles from high winds. Delaying the repair of your roof can lead to potential problems and costly repairs down the road.

B&H Professional Services has taken care of hundreds of roofs when there was a problem; seen and unforeseen. Our crews are trained, licensed and insured to work on all types of roofing systems; asphalt, metal, modified bitumen, clay tile, slate roof and rubber roofing. Our superior workmanship gives you confidence in the decision to use B&H Professional Services to quickly inspect and expertly repair your roof. We use the highest quality products in the industry and proven named brands. With a full guarantee on our workmanship and manufacturer’s warranty on products, you can have a worry-free repair to your home or business.

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